People enjoying paddleboarding

SUP in Cuba

Stand Up Paddleboarding has finally reached Havana´s shores and it´s quickly spreading all over the country! With basic training, river exploration and Yoga on the water, we have amazing experiences for you to enjoy!


If you´ve never tried it before, standing on a floating board and paddle away might look like a challenging task that requires many skills, but with our professional trainers’ help, you´ll be enjoying it sooner than you think!

Four people training how to paddle board
A woman taking pictures on a paddle board


Once you are comfortable on a SUP, you´ll want to take your practice to the next level: exploring new environments, discovering the local wildlife and capturing the moment with your camera will be the main course on these unforgettable journeys!

SUP Yoga

Outdoor yoga practice has never been so pleasing than when combined with the liberty of floating on the ocean. It´s the perfect setting to expand your mind-body connection merging yourself with the wholeness that surrounds you.

A woman practicin yoga on a paddle board