Five people trainging how to paddle board


Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) offers a full-body workout while having fun on the water, with the added benefit of the healing and relaxing properties of the ocean on your daily practice. 

For stand up paddleboard beginners, launching your board and standing up on it may seem intimidating, but with our trainer´s supervision, helpful tips and a little practice, you’ll probably paddle away from day one, as you realize it´s actually easier than riding a bike!

We will train proper standing, balancing and paddling technique, as well as different strokes to turn the board. Depending on the development of the group, you may get the opportunity to learn also about self-rescue techniques, tides, wind and much more! 

As you work your way to find your balance, you´ll fall into the water for a full body splash eventually. Even expert paddlers take the plunge from time to time! Keep in mind that in any water sport, getting wet is part of the fun!

This 90-minute training for small groups (up to 6 people) is an exciting way to get your exercise and vitamin D for the day. Keep paddling with us and you´ll soon become a SUP pro! 

You´ll acquire several basic SUP skills, including:

  • Launching your board
  • Standing up on your board
  • Balancing on a SUP
  • Sizing a SUP paddle
  • Holding a SUP paddle
  • Essential SUP strokes
  • Falling off and getting back on your board
  • Fitting and placing the leash properly on your body

Price: $30 per person
Duration: 90 min

Age: 12+ years old 

Paddling Level: Beginners  

Price includes all equipment and instructor

Small groups only (6 persons max.) 

Email us your request and we´ll be in touch shortly!

People getting ready to SUP
Four people doing SUP
Five people doing SUP
An instructor teaching how to SUP
An instructor teaching two people how to SUP
Three people learning how to SUP
A group of people learning how to SUP
People training how to SUP