About Us

We are a group of sport instructors that share a passion for the ocean and all nature that surround us, of which we are undeniably part of. From mindfulness through Yoga practices to fitness through paddleboarding, our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle where wellbeing doesn’t stop in the limits of our mind and body but reaches out to our natural environment contributing to the preservation of these ecosystems. 

Based on La Concha Beach, in Miramar neighborhood, we have the perfect conditions for these practices, with shallow waters and semi-bay shape that reduces the wind and waves impact on shore. Besides, the crystal-clear waters invites for a swim and even snorkeling. Sup in Cuba is proud to promote environmentally friendly practices bringing our fitness training to beaches and rivers with a minimal impact in these untouched areas. 

We've currently explored about 10 rivers in Havana and Matanzas outskirts, creating unique excursions to each one of them, but we aim to reach all rivers along the island and invite you to the adventure! 

A man paddling and admiring nature