Three people practicing yoga on a paddle board

SUP Yoga

Quickly growing into an international community, this rather recent modality takes the Yoga mat into the water, combining yoga poses with paddleboarding, for a relaxing and fulfilling workout that completes the mind-body nature connection. 

While it´s most commonly practiced in calm waters such as lakes, beach settings will also offer a stimulating challenge for balance, strength and flexibility. It isn’t necessary to have a lot of experience with either yoga or paddleboarding in order to enjoy this 60 min workout in Cuba.

Yoga poses focuses on breathing while maintaining your balance, strengthening your muscles and improving flexibility, as well as increasing circulation and reducing stress. SUP yoga will add an extra challenge as you try these poses on a floating board, offering a wide range of motion that reaches almost every area of the body.

You can relax on our beautiful beach as you glide gently over the waves, breathe deeply the fresh air from the ocean and enjoy the present moment integrating yourself with all the natural elements that surround you, ensuring a better care of your mind, body and spirit.

Price: $30 per person
Duration: 60 min

Age: 12+

Paddling Level: All levels are welcome

Yoga Level: All levels are welcome

Price includes all equipment and instructor

Small groups only (6 persons max.)

Email us your request and we´ll be in touch shortly!

Three people doing SUP yoga
Two women practicing SUP yoga
Three people doing SUP yoga on a beach
Three people practicing yoga on paddle boards
A man and a woman doing SUP yoga on a beach
Three people doing SUP yoga on a beach
Two women and a man doing SUP yoga
People practicing SUP yoga
A man and two women doing SUP yoga